Monday, October 26, 2009

Rock'n Research

While doing research for the novel I'm writing, A Wild Dream of Love, I have discovered the world of YouTube music video. On, it is possible to view performances by many music icons of the past. It's amazing to me that all this is available at the click of a link. The ghosts of pop stars past sing and dance forever and ever inside our computers. By watching the videos, you can sense a bit of the atomosphere, the aura, that surrounded particular events or celebrities--Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, and others. What a treasure chest. I also discovered clips of living performers. Charlotte Church is amazing, as is the Welsh National Anthem, which is what I originally discovered on YouTube. It led me to the rest. Of course, in my lifetime, I have been to numerous live concerts. I have been known to write a song lyric or two, a practice that will be brought to light in A Wild Dream of Love. I hope you will enjoy this book as much I am enjoying writing it. Celebrity and romance embrace again in A Wild Dream of Love, the sequel to my novel A Chance to Day Yes. The focus is slightlly different, but the stars of my stories continue to be movie star Heston Demming and those in his constellation.

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