Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Redecorating My Blog

Since I am now updating my blog daily, I decided to redecorate. I love this new template. The clouds and blue sky evoke feelings of hope and well-being. They suggest a beneficent cosmos. I like the look, and I hope you like it, too. FYI, hree of my friends have book signings coming up at the Barnes and Noble in Naples, Florida. I hope you can attend one or all. Sandy Lender will sign copies of her new release Choices Meant for Kings on Halloween morning, October 31, 2009. Robert Dean Bair will be signing his books on the day. M. B. Weston will be signing her new novel Out of the Shadows at BN on, I believe, November 7. You can find out the details by phoning the Barnes and Noble in Naples. If I find them out in time, I'll post the hours on this blog. SMILE OF THE DAY: I saw a young girl doing cartwheels around the floor the other day. Tall, with slender ebony limbs, she wore crimson shorts and white sneakers. As she circled the floor-- hands, feet, hands, feet--I marvelled at her agility. More than that, I envied her her abandon. I have noticed, many times, that children live inside their bodies much more easily than do adults. Children explore their own physical abilities gleefully, enthralled by self-discovery. They hop, jump, dance, twitch, run, sprint, and play-pretend as a matter of course. Adults seem to have lost this spontaneous love of their own physicality. They participate in sports, they attend dances, but they don't seem to revel in being alive the way children do. Feeling down and don't know why? Do a few cartwheels and reconnect with your own inner spirit of joy.

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