Sunday, October 4, 2009

Back to the Future as a Blogger

Hello to anyone reading this blog post. Many months have passed since I posted a blog entry. My novel about celebrity, A Chance to Say Yes, has been published for more than a year. I am writing the sequel, A Wild Dream of Love, in which I continue to chronicle the story of movie-star Heston Demming and his satellites and offspring. The Higher Power, however, seems to have decided I needed lessona in humility, and that's what I've lived through lately, on a personal level. Actually, I believe it may be happening on a national level, as well--IOW, not just to me. A lot has happened in our world in the past year. A lot of it stuns me, although, looked at in real terms, it's predictable. I see so many people suffering, yet being unable to solve their problems because they don't or can't discern the source of their problems. So, they resort to magical thinking, hoping their problems will be taken away. I, myself, am certainly one who avoids dealing with problems, but I can see them. I believe I am a vicitim of my own kind of magical thinking, however. For one thing, I keep on believing that there is audience out there for stories that enlighten as well as entertain, stories that invite one to reflect on large issues and contemplate reasons and solutions--and, yes, even the proverbial meaning of life. Am I wrong? Is that exactly what most people want to avoid? I understand people's need for escape and renewal. I just hope that sometime, somewhere, somebody steps up who can engage the national mind in regenerative discourse. I have seen life from many positions on the game board. From my humble stance today, I see a lot that concerns me. What I don't see is a lot of truth-seeking. These days, many seek to befuddle because that's the done thing, the peceived path to System success. Are there no mystics, no visionaires left in the world? Are they all on meds now? Are they all addicted to video games? Are they all out getting make-overs? I'm just asking the questions. Guess I'm in a mood.

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