Saturday, May 17, 2008

Upcoming Conferences

Hi! Well, I've decided to go for it! I've signed up to attend the national conference of the Romance Writers of America in San Francisco, July 28-August 2 ( conference will be held at the San Francisco Marriott Hotel. I hope to participate in a book signing for literacy event during the conference. My plans are still tentative, but I'm hoping they will come to fruition. For all you fantasy fans out there, here's some trendy info: my author-friend Sandy Lender will speak at ConQuesT39 next weekend, which is Memorial Day weekend. Please sign up now if you are interested. In addition to participating in panels, Sandy will read from her first novel Choices Meant for Gods Sunday at 11:30 and will sign books Saturday at 4:30. Here is what Sandy says about the conference: "If you've ever been to a ConQuesT convention before, you know there's loads of fun fan activities from art viewing to seminars on your favorite sci-fi shows to opps to meet the guests to a masquerade (on Saturday night) to improv story-telling to sessions on creative writing. The special media guests this year are Jeff East from Young Clark Kent and Ellen Muth from Dead Like Me. Check out the ConQuest site at or visit Sandy Lender's blog at to get more information. But do it fast! Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner." From Sandy Lender, Fantasy Author of Choices Meant for Gods Available now Coming soon, the intense sequel, Choices Meant for Kings So there you have it! I wish I could attend, Sandy. Thanks for sharing. Good luck at the conference. By the way, you can check out Sandy's book on my Shelfari shelf to the right of this column. See you all next week. Warm regards, Tina

Saturday, May 10, 2008

My New Shelfari Bookshelf

Hey, All! Please check out the new books I've added to my Shelfari bookshelf. I have 15 books on my shelf. I have NOT read them all, but I did want to share them with you. Each is written by a female author. Each author is either published by ArcheBooks ( or is a member of the Southwest Flordia Romance Writers (, the grouped I recently joined. My forthcoming debut novel, A Chance to Say Yes, is not on the shelf yet because I am still awaiting its publication (this month, I hope). Please click on the "Next" button below the bookcase to see all 14 books. You can check out each book in depth by clkking on its individual book jacket. Info will pop up. I'm still no expert at Shelfari, but I am learning. I've written additional notes on my other blog, at Btw, I read the news at because I want to know what's happening in the whole world, not jut the US. While on that site, I read an article about Welsh whisky and found a link to this book: Always glad to give a plug to a fellow Murray author! :) Tina

Friday, May 2, 2008

Naples Sun-Times Article

Wow! Thanks to journalist Andrea Galabinski and the Naples Sun-Times for mentioning me and my forthcoming novel, A Chance to Say Yes, in the following article about the Southwest Florida Romance Writers. It is in the print edition, as well, which is available all around the Naples, Florida, area. Please check it out. The article gives a lot of good info about the group ( I am posting the article on my other blog, too: Please drop by again soon! Tina

Poppy's Morning Walk

Poppy is strolling northward along Vanderbilt Beach.. One of my main characters in A Chance to Say Yes, gallerist Poppy Craft-Talbot lives in a high-rise condo, Solarmarina, on this very spot. Here is her POV, as she idles in the cool shadow of her building. The sun is rising to her right. She is gzaing North-Northwest up the sandy shore that fronts the Gulf of Mexico, just north of Naples, Florida, USA.