Thursday, October 29, 2009


CRUISE NEWS: I gave been invited to attend a luncheon and ship's tour aboard the Noordam ship of the Holland America cruise line. The ship will be docked in Port Everglades on Nov. 11. I am seriously looking forward to this. I hope to have more Cruise News in future blog posts. I have been invited to particpate in a cruise-related venture for writers. Keep your fingers crossed, and I'll keep you posted with updates. This could be the start of something grand. SMILE OF THE DAY: A small boy whom I did not know offered me a Cheetoh from his bag. He was adorable. I was touched by his spontaneous generosity. He was accompanied by his mom and large number of brothers and sisters. How heartwarming to see the results of such a sturdy, nuturing type of love.


Nancy Rugen said...

I've found myself looking forward to Tina's Smile of the Day. I love the picture of the little boy with the cheetohs and warm family. I'm hoping it will help me remember to really look at people, even ones I already know, for signs of who they really are, rather than blobs I'm just trying to get past during the day.
Thanks, Nancy

Tina Murray, Ph.D. said...

Thanks for that thought, Nancy. What's interesting is that I now focus, in a new way, on small pleasantries. Please keep reading and commenting!