Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Life on the Internet

"I love your smile of the day - it truly does give me a smile as Itoddle off to bed. I'm looking forward to the next one. NBR" That's what my a friend of mine wrote me yesterday in an email. I am delighted she liked my first anecdote. I appreciate the comment. Today was eventful. Writers Jane Sutton (The Ride), Nancy Koerner and I met with Internet radio entrepreneur Joseph Dobzynski of, which is based in Sarasota, Florida. He invited us to assist the start-up of a Naples, Florida-based radio program. it will feature authors in round-table discussions as well as interviews with individual authors. He bought us coffee at the Coconut Point Starbucks. We had an informative conversation. I was pleased to be included in this endeavor. I would LOVE to be an interviewer. This could be my opportunity. It will be an opportunity for local authors to parcipate in the discussions and interviews, for a nominal cost. SMILE OF THE DAY: Last night I had a four hour conversation with my close friend, Tivo. I told him I had been listening to YouTube rock music videos as research for the novel I am writing, A Wild Dream of Love. Today he emailed me an incredible digitally psychedelic, endless-loop video of Break on Through to the Other Side by the Doors. I tell you, it is riveting. It made my day. Thank you, Tivo!


Anonymous said...

Way cool, Tina. A blast from the past means so much more if it's shared, doesn't it -

Tina Murray, Ph.D. said...

Yes, so true! My blssts from the past will lead me towards thte future. A Wild Dream of Love requires me to view many music videos from today and back in the day. It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it, and I'm so GLAD I've been elected by the powers that be. :)