Monday, October 6, 2008

Hemingway and Hiaasen and....!!!

When I strolled by Mina Hemingway's Florida Bookstore ( yesterday morning, I was thrilled to see that she has placed my novel A Chance to Say Yes in her front window, right next to Carl Hiaasen's book!!! A sign nearby reads, "Local Authors." This is FANTASTIC. I am elated, thrilled, and generally just plain knocked out by this occurence. Thank you, Mina. In other news, I have placed new ads for my book. One is on the, run by Denise, a soon-to-be ArcheBooks author. Denise interviewed me, too. The interview is linked to the website, so please check that out. The ad will run on the website for three months. I've placed an ad with As Seen on TV, too. I'll post that link when I receive it. Thanks very much to the Southwest Florida Romance Writers for the astonishingly wonderful cake they gave me last weekend at the monthly meeting. They had a big cake made for me with the cover for A Chance to Say Yes on top in icing. Plus, they presented me with a lovely rose and a festive balloon. Thank you, SWFRW members. You are the best. I am truly grateful for your support ( I'd like to offer my congrats to Tom Williams and Jane Kennedy Sutton on the publication of their new ArcheBooks novels. Please check out the ArcheBooks Publishing website for details ( Aslo, Thanks to Jessica at the Naples Barnes and Noble store for ordering more copies of A Chance to Say Yes. Now back to my research for the sequel A Wild Dream of Love, coming in 2009. Cheers!


Orna Ross said...

Congratulations, Tina. Sorry I can't be in sunny Florida to help you celebrate. Look forward to reading "A Chance to Say Yes".

Tina Murray said...


Thank you very much. I wish I could be in Ireland, where you live! I hope to visit that country some day. As you can see, I have added your book, Lover's Hollow, to my Shelfari shelf and widget. I tried to add your new book to my shelf, but that book doesn't appear yet in the Shelfari database. The book's cover is so lovely. I'll keep trying to add it to my shelf.