Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Cat Named Oliver

Greetings. Many thanks to the (intelligent, beautiful, and charming) members of the Read 'Em, Dish 'Em, Eat 'Em Book Club in Los Angeles, California. The club members have chosen to read my romance novel A Chance to Say Yes for their next meeting. I am excited about this. I can't wait to hear their reactions to A Chance to Say Yes. In addition, I would like to thank Mr. John Poole and Jay for making One for the Books in Cape Coral, Florida, the latest book store to carry A Chance to Say Yes. Thanks to Rayne Golay, I discovered this wonderful books store yesterday. It is a bibliophile's dream. It even comes with an enormous, furry orange tabby cat named Oliver, who deftly slides in and around the well-laden book cases. Oliver is known for having twice as many toes as the average cat. Speaking of pets, I would like to make you aware of a worthy organization called Friends of Gummi (www.friendsofgummi.org). It is a no-kill shelter for pets that promotes pet placement. I became aware of it because a mutual acquaintance told me that the group's founder read A Chance to Say Yes and "loved" the book. So, I looked up the website and was quite impressed. Please click the above link to check it out. Speaking of the book, I'm pleased to say I'll be selling, along with friend Sue, and signing copies of it at the eWomen Network's event called Backwards in High Heels. It will be held in Fort Lauderdale at The Towers on Wednesday, September 24, 2008. Lots going on!

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