Sunday, August 1, 2010

My FIrst Virtual Book Tour, August, 2010

Yes, I'm on a virtual book tour with Paula Deen and other fine authors! While working to finish A Wild Dream of Love, I am celebrating the release of the second edition of A Chance to Say Yes. Please join me for my first virtual book tour. Here is my officail tour page: .Here is my schedule: > Book Reviewers for A Chance to Say Yes Virtual Book Tour, August, 2010 > (Blog 1) > > August 2nd interview, > August 3rd review (Blog 2) Blog name: Paperback Writer > (Blog 3) > Blog Name: Acting Balanced > > August 11, 2010 >(Blog 4) > > 8/12/10 > (Blog 5) > Blog Name: Reading At The Beach > > 8/13/10 > Also, please visit on 8/4/2010 to see an additional interview. Thanks to the particpating blogger-reviewers Hilary Shepherd, Heather Smith, > Janet Ruth Hovis, Marissa Oachs, and Vicki Newell and their readers. Thanks, also, to Rebecca Camarena at I hope you can join us on the tour. Tina

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Rebecca Camarena said...

Tina, your blog tour was so much fun. Looking forward to your next book. Hope you are doing well.