Monday, November 2, 2009

Good News for Writer-Friends

Good afternoon. Well, it's almost afternoon. This time change thing gets to me. Regardless, I can report several positive happenings today in the lives of some of my friends and fellow writers. Lynnette Hallberg and Heather Burch, both members of the Southwest Florida Romance Writers ( have reported in. Lynnette just signed the contract for her third romance novel, and Heather finaled in a contest. Other friends, including Sandy Lender, Robert Dean Bair, and Joyce Wells had successful book signings at Barnes and Noble's local author book signing on Saturday. The event was well attended. I chatted with my publisher, Robert Gelinas and his wife, Joanna, as well as with authors Dr. Molly Barrow, Jean Harrington. I touched base, too, with Jessica and Felicia of BN, about participating in the next local author signing, which will occur in March. I'm ramping up my book signing schedule, as well as working hard on my sequel. SMILE OF THE DAY: My plumbago is blooming. Or should that be my plumbagoes are blooming? Not sure, but I do know that I have three pretty little plants right outside my front door that are alive and kicking. Not one, but two are producing clusters of five-petaled, blue-lavender flowers! Orginally, I had purchased four plants. One passed on quietly, but the three remaining plants are doing quite well, thank you. I love the color and delicacy of the plumbago flowers. They dance in the breeze as if they are waving hello. FORTUNE COOKIE LUNCH: You can put tap shoes on an elephant, but that doesn't mean it can dance.

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