Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Premio Dardos Blog Award 2008 -- Yay!!!

Thank you, writer Cheryl Rushing, for giving me the Premio Dardos Blog Award. I did view your blog and saw that you had given me the award. I also received the information in a Google Alert. I am honored to receive this award. For those of you interested in reading Cheryl's blog and viewing info about our mutual blog award, please go to I regret only that I do not have time to blog more. I intend to give this award to other blogs. I will begin with Sandy Lender's blog and M. B. Weston's blog at I know there are other worth blogs out there. Please let me hear from you. (Jane, I would give it to your blog, but Cheryl already has.) In a side note, I wish to thank Debi Norton, Darrell House ( and Gwen Griffith for posting their five-star reviews of my romantic novel of women's fiction, A Chance to Say Yes, on I neglected to do this in my previous blog entry.

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M. B. Weston said...

Thanks for the award, Tina!!!