Sunday, April 27, 2008


Hello there! Have no fear. A Chance to Say Yes, my debut novel, WILL be published soon. Honestly!!! NEW RELEASE DATE: Last twoo weeks in May, 2008 PUBLISHER: ArcheBooks Publishing, Inc. ( Please view my other blog,, for more information about the story and to view Sandy Lender's latest meme and the websites of other interesting authors. ______________________________________________________ NEW BLURB re: A Chance to Say Yes "...wonderfully descriptive narrative, with well-rounded muti-dimensional characters." -- J. C. Arlington, author of The Stand-In ( ____________________________________________________ TWO MORE BLURBS: "In A Chance to Say Yes, Tina Murray skillfully portrays an elite world jam-packed with romance, glamour, lust, greed, deception, betrayal, and surprising twists and turns to keep you captivated to the very last word." -- Jane Kennedy Sutton, Author of The Ride _________________________ "Fan-freaking-tastic. I loved it! I stayed up reading until 1:30 a.m. I finished (A Chance to Say Yes) in one day!" -- Vicki Fillmore, reader and resident of Naples, Florida ___________________________________________________ Thanks to J.C. Arlington, Jane Kennedy Sutton, and Vicki Fillmore for their good words. Please check in at this blog site again soon for more updates! Warm regards, Tina Murray

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